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How many times during a holiday, have we been able to see with our own eyes novelties in the commercial and tourist fields, but also in the simple diversity of the location in which to drink a good cocktail or an excellent craft beer and returning home we deduce that all this is not can it ever be offered to us?

It was born from the idea of ​​promoting the art of “zero km” mixing USING HOME-MADE PRODUCTS, doing everything in a different location from the usual bar located within four walls.

The project takes shape after a careful analysis of the sector and a first-hand experience, both in our area and in the various European capitals, where the now widespread ”street cocktail” has been in vogue for years

Already rooted in the island with an operational headquarters that has existed for almost 10 years as ”IL BARETTO” in Santa Teresa di Gallura where recipes are elaborated every day with the use of approx. 500 premium labels with local botanical herbs such as: helichrysum, myrtle berries, juniper, lavender etc.

We will mainly promote local raw materials (where possible), all accompanied by a strictly “made in Sardinia” aperitif. We will exploit the wonderful resources that the area offers us, forming alchemies that combine vintage with tradition and innovation, elements that are already consolidated and those that we will experiment.

We bring news, quality and a lot of professionalism enclosed in a fantastic Volkswagen tipe 2 box body from 1974, completely restored and up to standard, in satin black color with gold-colored airbrushing. A Bose audio system is installed as standard on the vehicle, which makes a very special vintage technological.

The privilege of being able to reach you wherever you want:

in your lovely home garden, at a recreational or business catering, at your graduation party, receptions of all kinds And why not…even at your wedding!

The vehicle is a 1974 volksvagen type 2 completely restored and compliant with the law for working as itinerant and not, satin black internally and externally with very particular gold-on-black airbrushing. A bose audio system is installed as standard on the vehicle

to make a very particular vintage technological.

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