Astore Spritz – Ready-to-drink aperitifs in keg

Astore Spritz – Ready-to-drink aperitifs in keg

Astore Spritz is a premium ready-to-drink cocktail, born and produced in Italy and marketed all over the world. Thanks to its formula in line with the standards of the International Bartenders Association (IBA), Astore Spritz guarantees a high quality experience in any situation. In addition, choosing Astore Spritz offers numerous advantages: its service speed of +135% saves precious time, while reducing management costs.

Furthermore, thanks to the ready-to-use format, there is no need to take up warehouse space.

Our secret to guaranteeing cocktails of the highest quality is the use of fine wine, with a 100% Glera prosecco selected from the best vines. All raw materials are of Italian origin and of the highest quality.

In addition, our proposal has unique features, including:

  • 20 liter Keg for maximum convenience
  • Shelf life of 12 months (60 days from opening) to ensure product freshness and quality
  • From 250 to 350 cocktails per hour for each operator, for a quick and efficient service
  • Increase in turnover
  • Does not require specialized personnel, with a reduction of personnel of 30%
  • Cocktails served cold and sparkling, ready to be enjoyed by your customers
  • Universal S-attachment (bayonet) for easy installation
  • Recyclable and eco-sustainable packaging for a reduced ecological footprint


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