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After the great success obtained by PILS, our first born created using the water of Su Gologone, known as the purest water in the whole world, we set out to search for something truly special.

The goal was to give life to a new brewing project capable of giving us a unique, special identity!

This is how Astore APA was born!
The color is amber and its clarity already fascinates the eye, you drink it the first time with your eyes. Tasting it, a slight sweetness of the malt is perceived which is immediately balanced by the intense aroma of sublime citrus fruits: grapefruit, lychee and sa pompia di Siniscola.

The result is a delicate and persistent aroma with an unmistakable character.

Astore APA needs no further introduction, it only wants one thing: the first sip must be strictly enjoyed with your eyes closed!



Light and refreshing straw-yellow beer. It has a nice cap of white foam, with a fragrant aroma of German hops and malt which gives way to sensations of acacia honey with a very light citrus and floral aroma, reminiscent of the prickly artichoke of Bosa.


Aperitifs ready to drink… in Keg

This high quality cocktail was born and produced in Italy, and appreciated all over the world. Its formula respects the standards of the International Bartenders Association (IBA), offering a superior experience in every situation. Choosing us offers many advantages: our service speed of +135% allows you to save precious time and reduce management costs. Thanks to the ready-to-use format, you won’t need to take up warehouse space. Furthermore, Astore Spritz contributes to the increase in turnover.

Our secret to guaranteeing cocktails of the highest quality lies in the use of fine wine, including the best 100% Glera prosecco vines. All our raw materials are Italian and of the highest quality. Our proposal has unique features, such as the 20 liter Keg for maximum practicality, a shelf life of 12 months (60 days from opening) to guarantee freshness and quality, and the possibility of preparing from 250 to 350 cocktails per hour for each operator, ensuring a fast and efficient service. Furthermore, it does not require specialized personnel, with a 30% reduction in the personnel required. Cocktails are served cold and sparkling, ready for your customers to enjoy.

Thanks to the universal S-attachment (bayonet), installation is simple. Our packaging is recyclable and eco-sustainable, helping to reduce the ecological footprint. We are proud to offer the highest quality using first choice Italian ingredients to satisfy the most demanding tastes of our customers. Discover the exclusive experience of Astore Spritz and delight your customers with our ready-to-drink cocktails.

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